aHUS Relapse: The Ties that Bind

Atypical HUS Relapse -The Ties that Bind, the third in our original series about aHUS as a lifelong challenge faced by families with a history of this rare disease.

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Access to eculizumab

Article No. 375 6 September 2020 Earlier this year, aHUS alliance Global Action wrote to a number of contacts it has around the world. Some information was sought about access…

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aHUS i Norge (aHUS in Norway )

Article No 366 4 August 2020   An aHUS ROW (Rest of the World) update  :  Spotlight on aHUS Norway   There are many wonderful aHUS associations around the world…

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Global aHUS advocacy

Article No 353 27 June 2020 Participants in the creation of a Global aHUS Patients’ Vision advocated that treatment of aHUS everywhere was needed ( See article HERE ). Everywhere…

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Global Patient Advocacy-aHUS ROW

When the six European national aHUS organisations gathered in February 2013 for the first meeting of what was to become the aHUS alliance, they listed several aspirations for the new organisation.…

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The Birth of HUS(s) 65 years ago

The aHUS alliance’s mission highlights the importance of patient organisations reaching out and connecting with and supporting aHUS clinical researchers, who in turn may reciprocate. The pages of this website reflects…

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