Brain Fog and Kidney Disease?

Brain Fog – Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease may experience memory issues, lack of ability to focus, and a general feeling of confusion or lack of mental clarity. Info & Research on this topic, from the aHUS Alliance.

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aHUS alliance Global Action has previously brought up the concept of "Long aHUS " in its articles during the COVID pandemic. An enormous amount of publicity has been given to…

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Atypical HUS - RESOURCES About aHUS - General Info Know aHUS:  Know US aHUS PRESS KIT Info Centre  Atypical HUS 1.0 - to 'QuickStart' your search for Info & Resources…

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Atypical HUS & School

Atypical HUS and School: Information about teaching & learning. Learners of any age may be affected by chronic illness or a rare disease like aHUS. What schools and employers should know about people living with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS)

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Atypical HUS 1.0

What is atypical HUS? How is aHUS diagnosed and treated? Providing a quick start to begin learning about the rare disease atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, Atypical HUS 1.0 offers a list of key assets as your initial set of aHUS resources & info.

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